Integrity is critical when you entrust someone with the management of your real estate investments. We exercise the utmost care in managing your property and handling funds. You can trust your investments to us.

Our Property Management Services

1) Initial inspection of your property. Our management team will help you get your property ready to rent through assessment of and recommendations for necessary repairs and updates. We have established good working relationships with many reasonably priced businesses in the area, including contractors and handy-men specializing in all areas of maintenance and construction.

2) Successful advertising. We will verify appropriate monthly rental values with you and screen and seek quality tenants. We market locally and use Internet resources to market to out-of-town renters. We will make personal showings of the property, assuring that complete and professional information is both gathered and given to applicants.

3) Screening for "Credit Worthiness". Most renter headaches can be eliminated with thorough screening. Adequate and complete background and credit checks go a long way toward ensuring a trouble-free tenancy later on. Tenants who do not pay rent in a timely fashion usually do not take care of their homes. It is a double exposure we take great pains to avoid.

4) Careful tenant selection & contractual agreement. We will execute a thorough rental agreement, designed to protect your property and spell out expectations for tenancy. We handle all initial collections? first-month, deposit, and other funds as required by our property owners. We perform an inspection at move-in documenting the condition of the property and compare the condition upon move-out. We base any return of deposit upon the comparison.

5) Systematic collection. Owner proceeds generally are remitted by an ACH credit on the 10th of each month with collection between the 1st and 5th. We place great importance on speedy delivery of owner monies due them. When a tenant misses a payment, we immediately put an efficient and effective system to work to collect rents due or terminate tenancy. We're also available to handle tenant concerns and have the expertise to solve problems which may arise, both quickly and efficiently.

6) Owner Website Portal. We have invested considerable time and money into developing a website so you can have 24-7 access to our web based property management software system. There you will be able to view your owner ledger, paid invoices from contractors and your monthly statements. Not to mention the piece of mind knowing that you can see everything that is happening with your investment. The website is

Our Goal is Simple: Protect your Investment!

Our goal was to create a industry leading property management company to serve Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake so we started Limehouse Property Management to take care of all matters regarding your investment property. We wanted to give you peace of mind that we are overseeing and taking care of your investments so you don't have to. We pride ourselves on the individual attention and care given to each rental we manage. We invite you to become a part of our family of satisfied clients.

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